Days of Darkness
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Days of Darkness

Have you ever thought of a way to kill yourself because of the debt youíre in, just so youíre wife can collect the insurance money. Thatís a very sad state of mind to be in just because of money problems.

Over the years trying to make ends meet, using credit cards to get by, and hoping things would get better. Well, hoping donít help pay the incoming bills every month, the unexpected happenings, and being unemployed for 9 months sure donít help.

Recently my wife was informed of what could be a life threatening diagnoses, pancreatitis.

My days just continue to get heavier, and I donít know where to turn for help.

Searching the internet I came across this site, maybe? I donít know. I do know there are still some very good people in this world, that would be happy to help someone who is desperate enough to ask for help over the internet.

I am very reluctant to ask for your help, because I think of myself as a very proud person.

But we all do, what we think we need to do.

If every person who reads this, would be kind enough to just send me, a single dollar or two, it would be greatly appreciated

I Thank You from my heart, and god bless

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