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Please help Jessika

My name is Jessika.. I have two children 12, and 5. I am married but my husband has return to his hometown of Michocan, Mexico. I have spent the last 11 years working at a small family run diner very close to were I'm from in Sacramento, Ca. The family that runs this diner, is my family. My mom, step-dad, sister and a lot of very close friends who have become like part of my family over the years. We have been in Buisness for 11 1/2 years at this location, prior she owned another restaurant near by for 17. I have invested my entire life into this Buisness, my time, my effort, ideas, mind etc etc.. For one purpose, because it's my future. I have developed ongoing friendships with my customers, and relationships with the employees. I have a management position that I feel I have earned 100%. Last Friday August 1st, I was let go. We have had a problem with shortages in the register for the last three months. We have installed cameras and a alarm system, witch conveniently this day they were not working. Not only was I off this day and the prior day, I did not take the money. It was about 200.00. Me of all people never want to see what my mom has built for her entire life go away. I would never wish for anyone who had the opportunity to build a wonderful family atmosphere, to be the place where locals choose to go, to be the place where we get the chance to touch so many peoples life's through the friendships we build go away. That's not me, or who I am. To accuse someone to satisfy someone else's gratification is crazy.

My mom herself is going through a hard time, her marriage of 20 years is coming to an end, so i know she has had it to. I believe she knows inside I did not take the money, she has to... Like I said it's never been who I was. So now what? I'm about to loose everything I have. Rent due, light bill due by the 7th, WSG due by the 11th. I only have a couple of days of a grace period. I have applied for assistance but as you all know it's not a lot. I have called every rental assistance, church, Salvation Army out there in my area. They are either out of funds or they don't give out assistance till the end of the month. This is a last resort, a gesture of being desperate. I'm begging if you will, even 20.00 would be appreciated more than I'm able to express. Thank you so much for your time, and reading my story.


Regards Damian

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