Please Help a Veteran of This Great Country
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Please Help a Veteran of This Great Country

To Whom it May Concern,

I am very humbled, and quite frankly embarrased to be here on this site, and well for lack of a better term, begging for help. However, here I am, and here it goes….

I am a Veteran of this great country, well I have tried every possible service out there to get assistance, but if you are not wounded, or medically incapacitated in any way, there really isn’t much help for you. I am a husband, and father of a beautiful 3 year old little girl. She is my light, and I cannot let her down. I work, I scrape, I seel our things, but nothing is keeping us afloat. We had savings at one time, and things were good. But I lost my job, and we ran through the savings left to us by my wife’s mother in just a matter of months.

I am working again, but things have gotten so far behind, that I truly have no other options. I am looking for people who can help me in this desperate time. People who have been there, or understand, this is not a handout, but a plea for help. Once I have what I need, if I still receive donations, I will donate myself. I am good, honest, and reliable, proud man. This truly pains me to have to resort to this type of living, but it is truly my last option. The $9.95 fee….that was $9.95 of my last $100 in my bank account. Truly, I am out of options.

Thank you for reading, and ultimately donating. I am forever in your debt, and will absolutely honor your generosity, when I am able. Thank you again.

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