I am looking for help to do some work on my mothers house
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I am looking for help to do some work on my mothers house

I live at home with my mother since she has become unable to cope on her own, I work Monday to Friday and also help to look after her as well. She has suffered from a couple of strokes which has left her almost unable to cope with some of the everyday things that we all take for grated.

Because of this her house needs to have some alterations done so that she can keep her independent life at home intact. The first thing that needs to be done is her bathroom changed so that she can take a shower safely or just bathe safely. The cost is quite a lot and although she is elderly we cant get any help towards the cost because I am working full time and so I will have to pay for all the work done. Unfortunately it is a lot more than I can manage to afford on my wages, and the need is getting urgent now for her. I need to get the bathroom done first for her so that she can have her dignity back with regard to the simple thing like taking a shower, please help.

The other things we need help with is to fix the house, things like the roof needs re-pointing and the chimney needs repairing as it is leaning a bit. I need to replace the heating and hot water boiler as well as it is very old and is in desperate need of replacement.

There are many other things that need doing to the house but I think that they will have to wait as they are not in the important category yet. I am looking for help in getting these things done so that my mother can still lead a dignified life at home in the home that she has lived in for over 50 years. Anything donated will be a help and it will help me to be able to afford these things to get done.

Thank you for reading this.

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