Please help me family crisis, help my dad the ex soldier he needs you!!
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Please help me family crisis, help my dad the ex soldier he needs you!!

hi my names kat im 25 from london and i have 3 beautifull children 5 and twins 1 yeas old, sadly my partner died unexpectedly 6 months ago it has ripped everyone apart, but thats not why im here i really need some help to save my family home for my dad hes 53 was adopted and dont know hes family sadly hes mum died before he got the chance to meet her he finally met hes brother 3 years ago but sadly he has quite bad mental health issues so we dont get to see him often so he grew up in a lovely home with a loving dad but a mean mum she sadly passed away in 2000 so only hes dad is around he is know 90 anyway he completed school and went on to marry my mum and they fell pregnant with there angel emma sadly she was born sleeping after a placenta abruption at 8 months they went on to have me and 2 other girls he then went on and served 9 years in the army when leaving the army he become a caretaker but he was never the same guy very withdrawn lost all hes friends but we all stuck by him we kept him going sadly my mum passed away 2 years and it has broke us apart my dad sadly lost hes job and is suffering bad mental health issues at present i need to raise as much as possible to save my dads home if he loses hes house it will tip him over the edge i have sold on ebay and preloved done surveys done bootsales and i have barely raised anything i am a single mum to 3 amazing kids and money is so tight and i can barely survive myself so please help me he deserves to live hes life out in hes home we would be so gratfull would mean he world to my dad he is behind 2 months and we have threats of us losing the places help please he is to proud to ask so i need your help to show him he deserves better give him a second chance please. Feel free to contact me on katrinamikova@gmail.com i ca email pictures or more information or even some advice and guidance thank you for reading

kat xxxx

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