An Entire Family In Crisis
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An Entire Family In Crisis

This is the hardest thing I've ever written and if my parents knew, I'm sure they'd be horrified. However, there are three generations of us living in homes in very close proximity which working very well until the bottom fell out of each of our lives, one at a time. My mom and dad live in one house, my husband and myself in another small home, and my daughter, her husband and four young children ages 9,8,5 & 4 live on the other side of my husband and myself.

Life hasn't ever been financially easy for any of us but not for lack of trying. Work, especially for the men here, is honest but not financially lucrative. My dad has been in the truck driving business for many, many years. He now suffers from melanoma, is often sick and hospitalized and unable to work. He finally was approved for SSI last year. My husband has worked in the oilfields here in Kansas and on his family farm since he was 16 yrs old. A few years ago while on a hunting trip, he fell into a Bird hunting blind . He was unable to crawl out himself but his friends were there, they got him home and we made him comfortable as we could. Being the proud man he is, he refused ER or any medical care until a few nights later when he awoke making an animal like cry that I'd never heard and I've been with him since we were in jr high school. He couldn't feel his right side yet the pain was unbearable, if that makes any sense. Long story short, he required back surgery as soon as possible. Having never dealt with or known anyone that had gone through what he was going through, we had to put our trust rural medical practices. He had bulging and ruptured discs, some were repaired as best they could be but the out come was far from what we expected. He couldn't go back to work.

To this day he has no feeling on his right side from the hip down and cintinues to suffer from excruciating pain. His quality of life is not one to be admired by anyone. We have tried for years to get him on disability and as you can imagine red tape has led to literally no resolution whatosever. We are still trying, as we simply cannot give up. We live on my income which is just a few dollars over 700 per month from being disabled with crippling arthritis in my neck and spine so we do have something coming in. My daughter that lives next door and her family are the third part of our story. They moved here a few years ago because it was easier for everyone to be able to help them with the children and also with the bills. Coincidently, HER husband had a very similar back surgery that my husband did that was also considered a failure. While he can work some jobs, there are weeks he can't hardly move.

Our whole little family here is in a major crisis. We all make SURE the little ones always have food in their mouth and clothes on their backs but the past few months, I'm ashamed to say, several of the adults here have gone without eating for a day or two. We have reached out to everyone and every resource we have in our area and have been blessed with their help but we live in a small area and sometimes, help just isn't there. This morning, my mom, who is the only person here able to work right now and is paying her own and my daughters family's bills and such, called me from her job so hard I could barely understand her. Im sure she on the verge of a nervous breakdown, heck I think we all are at this point. I come to the public, humbled, as I ask for help. My moms call to me today was to tell me all the utilities were about to be shut off starting with the gas then electric. My mom and dad's house ( trailer ) is paid for, thank the good Lord, and my disability pays mine and my husbands. My mom is having to pay the bills of my daughter and family and were giving them all we have left over to feed the kids and all. I could go on and on but I feel like I'm whining and begging and it's the most awful feeling someone almost 50 years old can have. These are supposed to be the good years, right? Things settle down, you travel, enjoy special things with your grandkids. Isn't that was we should be doing?

I pray, my family prays and I know God has a plan, but right now, we need help and we need it fast. No one has cable here, I'm not asking for anything extravagant by any stretch of the imagination. We just need a hand up to pay our utility bills current, my daughter family's house pymt current so they won't take their trailer away from them and to put a little food in the refrigerator. Heck, three of our grand babies have birthdays, two in May and another in June (youngest is in dec) and all we care about at this point is to have a dinner on the table for us all to sit down together with and smile and feel normal, if only for awhile. I know I rambled on and I apologize but there's so much I didn't tell I feel I'm leaving too much out. I know everyone has rough times and I also know not to beg and ask for handouts, like I said, my mom will likely be furious but if we can get a little handup, it will be worth it and she can smile once again. We can pay it back in small pymts or pay it forward when were on our feet.

Please, were just one small family, sinking and need someone to throw is a floatie. Thank you for reading. Thank you so much.

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