Itís been a disastrous year, please help
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Itís been a disastrous year, please help

I am a 41 year old man thatís been self employed pretty much all my life. I work as a contractor helping others out with IT issues, or teaching them how to use their computers. Iíve always maintained a reasonable living doing this.

In my twenties I was foolish, I over spent beyond my means and destroyed my credit record as a result. But Iíve been a man of my word and instead of taking the easy way out and declaring bankruptcy, I paid every single penny back, plus interest to the point where when I was 39 I finally paid my last debt off from those days. Even whilst I was doing this I was always willing to help others out who needed it, to the point where itís quite possible I was seen as an easy touch.

Last year, however, business began to fall off, not sure why, possibly because of the current economic conditions, Iíve always prided myself on my level of customer service. This wasnít too much of a problem I could live off what savings I had managed to build up.

Unfortunately my mother became seriously ill and as Iím her only family itís fallen to me to care for her which meant spending far less time on my business than I needed to. I donít mind sheís my mother. However the expense has eaten away what savings I had and now Iím behind on one key debt that I need to bring up to date to prevent my car from being taken away. I need it to continue with my work and to carry on looking after my mother (taking her to appointments and picking up essentials for her).

I have sold off all the assets I reasonably can to try to keep ahead of the bills, unfortunately I have discovered just how little they were worth, which is making me reassess my future lifestyle.

Iím not greedy, Iím not asking for my debts to be magically paid off (although as with everyone such good fortune is always welcome), I just need a little helping hand to get over the current hump by bringing my car repayment up to date. Itís a small £800 in the scheme of things not much but it is the difference between my continued success and failure as I cannot see any other way to bring in that amount as soon as I need it.

So please if you can find it in your heart to help me out of my short term problem I would be immensely grateful. If you can give me work to earn it I would also be grateful and happy to do it (anything computer related, data entry etc) I can and will happily do.

Iím hoping that some of the better karma Iíve built up in my life can find itís way back to me now. If not I will try to carry on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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