Please help us pay for our family members' funeral
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Please help us pay for our family members' funeral

My family has been hit pretty hard (for us anyway) in the last few months. My husband and I are both teachers in a small district so we don't get paid much, as is. My father, who had Alzheimer's recently passed away a few months ago with no life insurance policy or plan in place (i.e. burial plot, etc...) and we(my husband and I) ended up helping pay for most of his hospice care and funeral costs (on credit card and cash every month) to the tune of around $7,000. It wouldn't be so bad and we could pay it off eventually but these things happen in multiples and just this past January, the same thing happened with my brother, he died suddenly of a grand mal seizure and we ended up helping with that too and that ended up being around $5,000. We are in $12,000 of debt and really need help paying off our credit cards. We have 2 teenagers, one in high school and one about to be, and next thing you know they will be graduating and I don't want to still be paying on credit cards when it comes time to start paying for college. It will be hard enough to just do that! Anything would help.


Jana G.

Oh, I am very good at baking cookies, so for every $12 dollars sent, I will bake and send a baker's dozen cookies to any person who donates $12 if they supply me with their name and address.

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