My family is in trouble, about to be evicted
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My family is in trouble, about to be evicted

The picture I posted was taken 30 October 2009, the night I was supposed to leave for Iraq, but was delayed one day. My name is Colin and my wife is Sunnie, we are both veterans, prior service Army medics. I am also a Licensed Practical Nurse.

I came back from my second deployment 16 October 2010, and my real problems started then. 18 Oct, I was falsely charged with a felony, assault of a minor, given a restraining order to stay away from my home and family until the charges were dropped. After a 14 month investigation and a general court martial I was fully acquitted of all 6 charges. My contract complete March 2013, I had to leave the Army, and I thought everything was going to get better, only things got worse.

About the time I was released from the Army, the hospital on post was put on a hiring freeze. I cannot work in a civilian facility until I transfer my LPN license from Washington state to Georgia. AND there is the problem with the felony charges still in my background check. I am working on getting an expungement of my record, but that will cost roughly $5,000, that I obviously do not have right now.

I got a new home in town, and in the last 2-3 months fell behind on my bills. Unemployment pays only $1,600/month. My rent is $900/month and I am now 2 months behind. Most of my other bills I am also at least one month behind.

Unemployment is about to run out.
My wife has multiple health issues and requires a powerchair, that we might be losing soon. It needs new batteries anyway, the two she has has do not hold a charge for very well. Out of the four childern, 3 still live at home, 2 have Asperger's Syndrome. These medical and health concerns take up a lot of my time. Job leads are coming to me more and more now. There are several groups bith praying for my family and helping me look for work. I am still reasonably fit and have a strong work ethic, so even a warehouse job would be good right now. Most non-medical jobs I can do will pay about half of what I need. I am almost ready to start a home business. I have a tax ID and a website, among a few other resources. Would appreciate assistance and advice with this endeavor also.

If anyone has any questions feel free to send me an e-mail at colway02@yahoo.com
Thank you for your tine and God bless, Colin

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