One week from closing the sale on our house and changing our lives after years of hardship and our mortgage company won't ALLOW the sale until we pay $3400.00
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One week from closing the sale on our house and changing our lives after years of hardship and our mortgage company won't ALLOW the sale until we pay $3400.00

We are a long time married couple with a 4 year old little girl who was born with multiple medical problems and spent her first 99 days in a NICU going through 6 surgeries. She's a normal healthy little girl now, only needing one more surgery for cosmetic purposes in about 2 years. She had gastroschesis, a tear in her stomach and amniotic band syndrome which amputated two of her fingers, three of her toes and almost took her right foot. She was 6 weeks premature and was only 3.5 lbs when she was born. She's come a very long way. During that time we almost lost our house trying to handle medical bills, traveling expenses and our bills while I was on short term leave from work following a couple surgeries myself and a high risk pregnancy.

It took us two years of sorting out to get the mortgage company to modify our loan and then they were bought out mid-modification and it took another 4 months with the new company to do a new modification. During that time my company packed up and moved to Florida and I didn't want to uproot with a toddler, so I was unemployed for almost a year. During the modification they took $15,000 off of the balance of our loan to help reduce payments. We've been struggling to catch everything else up since. Our medical billls are so outrageous, even with insurance, that our great grand children will probably be dead before they're paid off. I refuse to file bankruptcy so I pay a little on as many as I can each month but all of the collections have demolished my credit score. Lenders say that medical bills don't matter but they won't even look at giving you a loan if your credit score is lower than their line, no matter what caused it.

Finally in December we listed the house for sale because we cannot afford to live here anymore Our heating and electric bills in the winter is upwards of $800.00 a month and we fall behind every year. My husband works out of town during the week and I drive 3 hours a day back and forth to work, while trying to finish school and raise our daughter. I called the mortgage company and told them that we just couldn't afford to live here, we have been grasping and barely hanging on for years now and my sanity can't handle anymore. 2 months ago we received an offer on the house and accepted it. It's for $25,000 over what we owe on the house. We've gone through inspections, the appraisal, and all of the steps to finalize the closing date. 3 days ago I received a letter from the title agency to send to my mortgage company giving them authorization to get a pay off quote and the title information so that they can close on the sale and cut us our check. I can't even tell you the relief that this sale would bring to us, the money, the moving closer to work and family to help when he's out of town, It will be life changing and finally after pushing back at life as hard as we can, we will see that light at the end of the tunnel.

When I sent the authorization form to our mortgage company, they told me that they would not ALLOW us to sell the house until the balance of the foreclosure fees that were billed to our account after the modification, are paid off. They will not release any information to the closing agent until they're paid. I have about 4 days to come up with $3400.00 before the title agency finds out that the sale cannot happen and cancels closing. I had my mortgage company send me an email stating that the $3400.00 will in fact reinstate our mortgage to normal status and at that time we can sell the house. I have $1500 in my savings account and I've tried to get loans through my bank and several other lenders but unfortunately my 543 credit score will not allow for an unsecured loan and payday loans aren't approved because my employer does not offer direct deposit.

Any help that anyone can give will help. I'm selling things on Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook and taking just about every measure I can to do this. I cannot put into words how important this sale is to my family. If this site works and helps us I will gladly donate back to members on this site once our sale goes through. Pay it forward, that's how the world should be.

Thank you, sincerely...a hardworking, desperate mom who just needs to catch a break to make a better life for her family.

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