Time is priceless
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Time is priceless

Tomorrow will be the hardest day of my life. Tomorrow my daughter who is almost two years old is going to live with her disabled grandma 100 miles away from me and my wife because we fell into a medical and financial crisis. We have no hope of raising the money we need for medical bills and relocation closer to her Doctors while still paying on our mortgage. We have now sacrificed our home and are staying with friends here where we both have jobs. Our jobs offer little or no medical coverage and needless to say the bills have been stacking up. Our baby girl now needs vision therapy or she may lose sight in her right eye.

I did pick up a second job for a while working nearly 70 hours a week but still couldn't get caught up on anything. We are already down about $20,000 in bills. Now we need to move 250 miles in order to be on hand for her treatments. My daughter will be staying with her grandmother so that we can both work as many hours as possible. I work 50+ hours a week now and my wife works 4 days on with 4 off. On her off time she will be helping my mother and taking care of our daughter. We are estimating that we can be through this in about two years pushing as hard as humanly possible. During those two years, our family won’t be together and I will see my beautiful girls very little. I may not see my daughter much at all.

Of course, she will not understand any of this. We will, of course, do whatever it takes, but right now we are looking at a minimum of $200,000 to get clear of this and reunited in one home. We can never replace the time we are going to lose. I have worked my whole life and will continue to do so. I have also hosted and coordinated many charity events when we were doing well financially, such as local toy drives for Christmas and benefit concerts to raise money for the veterans of foreign wars and will do so again once we are back on our feet. The money I have raised seems so meager compared to what I am asking for but we promise to pay it forward in time. Our estimated goal is roughly $200,000 to take care of all debts we have and will incur throughout this crisis. We are both working and will continue to do so but anything we can get to cut down on the time in between will be very, very appreciated.

Please help if you can, thank you for your time, and I wish you all well regardless if you donate to us or not.

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