Single Working Mom Seeking Debt Relief
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Single Working Mom Seeking Debt Relief

Iím a divorced mother of one young daughter and work full time. Much to my dismay, Iím in a desperate situation, seeking financial assistance in the last place I would have ever consideredÖfrom strangers. Although Iíve not hit rock bottom, I feel that I could be there at any time. I find myself struggling to keep my payments made. Iím currently past due on my mortgage ($800) & have fallen a month or more behind on my student loan ($351/mo) and other payments ($226/mo). Iím also struggling to pay medical bills from an unexpected visit to the ER ($2900) the end of last year and unexpected tests ($795) that I had earlier this year. It seems every time I see daylight, get one debt paid off, something else comes up and I just canít get ahead. In the last two years, Iíve dealt with judgments & garnishments and really want to get caught up and get my debt cleared. I want to provide some sense of security for me and my daughter.

I know God will see that my needs are met and I feel like he led me to this. I look forward to being able to put the anxiety and stress of this debt behind me and being able to help others in the same way in the very near future.

Thank you so much for any contribution you can make, it means more than youíll ever know.

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