Single Dad Needs YOUR Help
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Single Dad Needs YOUR Help

I am a 28 year old Single Dad, facing multiple problems at this point in my life. I have always been a nice, helpful guy, and have done what I could to help others before myself. Now, I'm reaching out for help. This is my last resort.

I am currently $800 behind on Rent, and facing eviction. My landlady has been working with me (payment arrangements, etc) since October, and I just can't seem to catch up. I am also facing disconnection of my Electricity, due to a $300 past due bill.

What really seems to be setting us back the most, is my lack of a license and vehicle. Back in 2005, I got in to an accident while driving without insurance (because I couldn't afford it), and still owe on damages. I am stuck in a low paying job as a result of this, only because it is local. At this point, it is not a matter of time to get my license back; it is a matter of money. I need $4000 simply to get my license back. Once I get my license back, I should be able to get a used car nearby. This would really help get our life back on track. I miss being able to travel to a better job, with better pay. I mostly miss being able to bring my 7 year old son to the playground, or wherever we wanted to go. Nowadays, we can't do much, and have to sit at home.

To make matters worse, my GF (who lives an hour away) just had to have a major surgery, and I could not be there for her, for the surgery or to help her while recovering. I hate feeling powerless and helpless in these situations.

$800 Needed to catch up on Rent
$300 Needed for Electric Bill
$4000 Needed for license, and would get our life fully on track again.

Please help my son and I get back on track. We will be forever grateful. God Bless You all, for ANY help that is given.

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