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Please help my family we are buried in debt, loosing our house, loosing our car, and I am so ill that I can't help at all. It all started in the fall of 2002.

I came down with menigitis and then from that point for 3 1/2 years I wasn't feeling well and I had so many tests done and medications given to me they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My arm was going numb so I went to another doctor to find out why and he did shot in my arm and it didn't work he was shaking his head and he did another x-ray and found out I didn't have the gel in the middle of my C 5,6,7, in my neck. So when I turned my neck or lifted my arms all those nerves, tendons, muscles were getting damaged. I went in and had my C 5.6.7. fused with a plate and 6 screws in the front of my neck, he even put pipe in the middle of each vertebrea so they didn't rub. Well I felt ok for awhile and the pain came back again. So another operation was done in the back because C 6,7 didn't fuse together, another plate and scews were done. 3 weeks later I really felt bad and was vomiting, fever and feeling bad all over, seen the doctor and my husband had to rush me to the operating room stoping for nothing. So I had a STAPH infection and I was in ICU for awhile came home with a pic line with medication that needed to be done every 8 hrs and a visiting nurse. I made it threw all that with a great husband that never left my side or complained.

I still wasn't feeling better and more tests and medications and different doctors. The pain was like the flu but 10x's worse and alot of other complications like vomiting with no reason, numbness in your limbs, hands and feet. I feel so helpless and when I talk or try to communicated everything is twisted or don't make sense. They finally found out I have a disease called "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" my brain stem was damaged and this is a lifelong struggle. I get no help from the goverment because this is not a common disease. I want to help but I can't, if I would do something physical like exercise my body couldn't take it and hurt very bad for 3-4 days and I would be laid up in bed not being able to move.

So if you have it in your heart to help, it would be greatly appreciated, and you would be in my heart as a angel. If you would like me to write to you and thank you for your donation I will, I am in such need. I really need to save our home, it would be so hard for me to pick up and move physically and stress really works up everything. This would be a gift from the heart to a family that would greatly appreciate it and expecially from me, by helping me help out.


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