12 Years of hardship, heartbreak and unhappy events have plagued my sister and her faith
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12 Years of hardship, heartbreak and unhappy events have plagued my sister and her faith

I am making this website for my sister Melinda who is disabled. I am Jay and I am a 40 year old college student who is looking for work in this no job economy. I currently help take care of my sister who was disabled in a work accident 12 years ago and since then her health has got worse. Right now we are in need of some financial help and I have been trying to do everything in my power to help our situation with little to no success. Let me tell you a little about my sister. My sister was one of those people that had 2 jobs and friends as well as a boyfriend who drove truck. She had the greatest smile and long beautiful red hair and even though she was overweight,that did not stop her from having confidence in making friends or meeting new people..she also had a brand new truck and some material things she was proud to have even though she was never big on material things. Since her back injury she has lost all her teeth because of the pain medicine she was one and at one point lost most of her hair because she was on a multitude of medicines that had very bad side affects. She had a cancerous tumor in her neck some time back which was removed and she also deals with swelling in her legs that bring her skin to the point of tearing. She had gastric by-pass a few years ago because they thought it would help make her a better candidate for surgery which it did not. All that did was make her health worse now with severe stomach issues and pain and severe anxiety she can not seem to get control over. I help her with daily living expenses with what I was getting from unemployment because the disability check she receives is not enough to help pay for some of her medications that medicare does not pay for as well as incontinence issues she has occurred as a result of her injury we as the doctors have said she has major nerve damage. The car we were using was my mothers old one that she left to my sister after she passed in 07' and just has recently broke down because its 20 years old and it had major issues. I used that car to do everything for my sister including making sure she met all her doctor appointments and do all of her grocery shopping for her and so we have been struggling to figure out what we can do and she has had to cancel a few of her doctor appointments which is not good. My sister is getting worse and I needed to do something and this is why I am making this website for donations. I hope to find work soon and then I can try and put money away so that we can move back home to Wisconsin where we are originally from. Right now we live in Iowa with my other sister and her family which has tried to help the best she can but she has her family to take care of and she has her own issues to deal with. Me being a Christian as well as my sister we believe in the power of giving since we both are givers to the extreme and were raised to help those in need. So right now we are asking for help from people on the web to step up and give what they can or what God lays onto their hearts to give. Like I said I am doing this for my sister and only my sister ..to try and give her the care and a place she can call her own so that she will have a sense of hope for her future. All of the things I said she had in the beginning of this letter like a new truck,boyfriend,friends ect. all gone. She had her truck repossessed when she was not able to work and her boyfriend found someone else behind her back and she sold a lot of her material things just to try and survive.

Well fast forward to today and she is in a state of confusion and bewilderment at her situation. She and I are having an extremely hard time making it right now and the stress level she is on is at an all time high. Just today I had to call the ambulance to get her to go to the hospital because her blood pressure was crazy but she thought it best if she just wait it out and see if she got better. Well she did but not by much. She needs a change of venue and a change of pace as far as her life goes so..that is why I am doing this. I would like to have enough money raised for her so that I can take her away from all this and get her to a place where the care is better and the scenery is way better. The place we are from is on a beautiful lake and I know that would do her a world of good ..it's just getting enough money saved to do that and on top of that we both know the physician care there is better. I also put an ad on here that I am a part of that I thought maybe would make me some money but not much of anything yet but I am hopeful..like I said I am trying everything I can to make this situation better as well as find work which would really help. Just so you know this is not a scam and it is coming from someone who is going to college to be in the ministry and wants to maybe one day become a youth pastor. That's about it i guess.. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I pray that some if not all who read this will be led to help in anyway you can..thank you again and God Bless.If you would like to contact me for anymore information you can by e-mail justifiedwithwings70x7@hotmail.com

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