Burried In Debt
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Burried In Debt

My name is Monica, I am someone who is a financially responsible persons. I am not able work due to a permanent. Disability of the spine and other chronic conditions. I receive Social security., this benefit is very low and the dollar amount is fixed( no increases in the past 3 years) Iíve had a bunch of unforseen expensive emergencies come up within the last two month and this has thrown my finacial budget off..

In August and again in September I had car repairs totaling $400.00. On September 20th I woke up with severe tooth pain.(emergency root canal) This cost me $347.00. Itís still not over yet. They are saying that I have to have the whole filled or the crown replaced. This will cost me another 350.00 or more. November 1st I will not be able to pay my Auto payment, rent, upcoming dental debt or buy groceries. I am so worried that I will lose my apartment and car.

I maxed out my credit cards paying for auto repairs and other medical bills. Normally I have enough money to pay for my rent, .food, gas and medical co-payment s. But now I donít have it. I need my car to get to my medical appointment., i go to the doctor at least 3x a week.

I donít have any family that can intercede and help me. Iíve been to conventional agencies and churches in my area for financial help but they say that the needs are so great in our community that they are out of funds. I feel really overwhelmed,Itís like some kind of giant weight pushing down on my chest. I have not been able to sleep through the night.. And I canít remember the last time that I wasínt worried about money Once I get oveer this hump and back in control I am going to start a savings account so I can have money sit aside for unforseen emergencies. I will not be able to get things back into order without your help . Please if someone out there can help I would greatly appreciate the effort.? Why help me? makes a great tax deduction for you when you help those in need.

I will need $700.00 to get out of this debt. Please help.

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