I Just Want A Pretty Smile Again
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I Just Want A Pretty Smile Again

Hello everyone. I just want a pretty smile. Ever since I was young my teeth have been very bad, discolored, brittle and broken. I have had a lot of the back ones pulled. About a year ago I lost the top right tooth next to the front one. I have included a picture so you can see. My bottom teeth are a very disclored yellow. Several of the others are chipped, broken or crooked. I don't smile alot because I know people will notice them.

Now the left top one by my front tooth is loose too! I have made my own fake tooth out of those fake nails that you can buy in a multipack. I have to SUPER GLUE the tooth in everyday at least 3 times a day. Eating meals is the worst. I go out to my car at lunch and eat by myself because I do not want my tooth to come loose while eating as I have swallowed 2 fake teeth already this year due to that. Now I take the tooth out to eat so that is why I eat alone. Two times a work my tooth flew out while I was laughing or sneezing (very EMBARASSING!). Luckily I scooped it up before anyone noticed (I think).

I just want to raise enough money to get these teeth pulled and have them replaced with a beautiful set of teeth. I am not sure how much it will cost but I am shooting for around $3000. I appreciate any amount that you can donate to my cause and I will pay it forward one day when things turn around for me. Thank you so much for even reading this and considering me. Even if you cant donate to my cause please keep me in your thoughts.

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