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Please Help Me

For the past 4 years I have been attempting to keep my home of 20+ years.

I was a victim of the bad mortgages and eventually ended up filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to halt the sale of my home 2 1/2 years ago. During this time the mortgage company has dragged out the loan modification process. First it was approved, then cancelled, then redone. I have been paying the mortgage as well as the BK fee. During the last 6 months I had to take out payday loans to maintain my payments. Now the payday loans have swallowed me alive. I wasn't able to make last month or this months BK payment. As of today I've sold everything that I have been able to sell. I need at least $2,800 to catch up my BK payments. I've already paid $20k to the BK courts over the past year and don't want to lose everything because of the mortgage company. At this point I was waiting for the BK trustee to approve the modification, but by being behind, my case is about to be dismissed and I will lose everything, the $20k I've already paid, my home, my car, everything. If there is someone out there that could find it in there heart to assist me, it would be more than appreciated and I would be in debt to you for life. Thank you for considering my request and God bless.

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