Need Help to Lose Weight, Get Healthier, Pay Bills
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Need Help to Lose Weight, Get Healthier, Pay Bills

Hello, and thank you for taking a moment to read my request. My need is probably much less urgent than the needs of others here, but I find myself in a position of needing to ask for help, regardless.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful, fulfilling job in hospice care. Unfortunately, our non-profit hospice company had to cut a large part of my position to save money. Although I might get my "hours" back, I am now behind in paying bills. I also have a lot of medical expenses as my doctors and I try to figure out what ails me (it is at least partly autoimmune, but that's all we know so far). I have further diagnostic tests coming, which will be expensive.

Although my need for help with bills is real, foremost in my mind is my need to lose weight. This would help me be much healthier, for one thing. I would certainly have fewer medical expenses. But I would also feel better about myself, which would make it easier to exercise and stay healthy, and to be more productive/active generally. Healthier people are better able to contribute to society. I want very much to lose weight. It is time to do something, once and for all, and I need a kick-start. I plan to do the ideal protein weight loss method (which is supervised by a medical professional) as soon as I can afford to do so. Help for that would be very much appreciated.

If, by some miracle, I gain\ enough money to pay bills and start the ideal protein diet and still have more money, I will buy a good mattress. My current mattress is almost 22 years old. One of the symptoms of my illness is pain, and I know that actually sleeping well would help with that aspect. However, I do not wish to be greedy. A new mattress is a much lower priority for me now.

Again, I deeply appreciate your consideration. I promise that some day when I am in a position to do so, I will help others in turn.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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