Single Dad, tragic diving accident, quadraplegic, PLEASE HELP
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Single Dad, tragic diving accident, quadraplegic, PLEASE HELP

I'm a 31 year old single father to a 10 year old little girl. On July 30, 2006 I was paralyzed in a diving accident. My C6 and C7 vertebrae were fractured and my spinal cord was severely damaged. Since the accident, I have had a total of 6 surgical procedures for my spine and the other issues that have happened as a result of my injury. I am paralyzed from the chest down as well as in both of my hands. I have an ongoing need for various expensive medical supplies and also have acquired a huge amount of medical bills. As you know, insurance does not pay for everything. I have tried several different therapys at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, as well as at Vanderbilt Stallworth with little success. I have been given the opportunity to receive stem-cell therapy in Germany. This entails me and a companion flying to Germany for 1 week. I will have bone marrow extracted from my hip and harvested for stem cells. They will then be injected into my injury site. The cost of the procedure including my trip will be around $25,000. I have already raised $3,000 and it is my goal to raise the rest of the money so that I can have the procedure by summer. I truly feel that this is my last hope as far as treatment is concerned. Any help no matter how big or how small will be truly appreciated.

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