I am left on the streets with my son
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I am left on the streets with my son

I suppose the losing battle came with Katrina. She wiped out everything on the MS gulf Coast. Including most of the jobs. Everybody was talking about the economy and how hard times were ahead. But we weren't feeling it quite yet, it was just talk. But after the storm, it was next to impossible to find any work. Any even though the house we lived in was spared by the storm, we could no longer pay our rent and I suppose the home owner's were having it hard to and eventually we had to move out. My husband did find work after a while, it didn't pay much but it was something, enough to put a roof over our heads for a while. But it only lasted 6 months then the job shut down. And again, no work. But by now the economy had deteriated and what jobs were still around were laying off, nobody was hiring. I heard of a company that payed well that was hiring in Florida, 500 miles away. Pure luck got my husband a job there and we soon moved permenantly. We found a house, moved in and 3 days later my husband was laid off. And we soon found out that we had moved to a city with the highest unemployment rate in Florida. Over 1 million people had lost their jobs. No work. Our landlord was patient enough and worked with us as much as possible, but our lease has expired and we moved out 2 weeks ago. My husband was out of work for a year. We somehow managed to keep all the utilities on but the overdue balances just kept getting higher and higher. So we had no money saved, trying to pay down the balances on all those pilled up bills. Then we lost our home.
As if things weren't bad enough, when we moved out of the house my husband informed me he was moving back home to his mothers,...alone.
Now it's just me and my 8yr old son. We don't have anywhere to live and my husband took our car with him when he left. I am staying here and there but it is extremely difficult to mantain any sort of stability in my son Gage's life. I dont have any family to lean on and the friends I have here, I have only known a very short time and have their own problems to deal with.
I hate the thought of asking people for money, but I have a son that I have to do everything in my power to take care of. What I need to be self suffient ,is enough money for an old car. So I am able to look for work. I need to find a place to live and money to cover it until I am working.
Please understand that I very much want to take care of myself and my son on my own. And I am more than willing to do so, I have just been left in an impossible spot and I have noone to lean on for help.
I also plan on giving back as soon as I am able.
You do not have to give alot, just a dollar or two will make all the difference in the world.
My son is very very sweet, and deserves so much more than I can offer him. He goes without so much all the time. It breaks my heart that this is life for him. Please help me make it better for him. Thank you.

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