Please help my brain damaged wife
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Please help my brain damaged wife

Last August, my wife Shawn and I took a day trip to the beach. We live four hours from Ocean City, Maryland. On the way home, Shawn fell asleep. And hour into our ride back, I tried to wake Shawn up to no avail. The minute we got home I called 911. The EMT's told me her blood sugar was 12. I followed them to the hospital and there I was informed that Shawn had gone into a hypoglycemic coma and there was a possibility of brain damage. Shawn was diagnosed as pre-diabetic a week before and was trying as hard as she could to control her blood sugar numbers. After six days Shawn woke up, but still had a breathing tube and feeding tube in, since she had failed a swallow test. Five days later the breathing tube came out. Shawn spent 19 days at Potomac Hospital and another 26 at ManorCare Arlington. Shawn's parents are in Diamond Springs, California. They were not able to visit Shawn. So, in late June, I left my job and cashed out my 401K to move us closer to her family. We now live in Reno, Nevada. I have yet to find full time work, as I have been applying for jobs and getting some paid days through Labor Ready. Shawn gets a disability payment, and as some of you know the government keeps the fist five months of that. So there was no lump sum, and her disability barely covers our rent. We sold our car back in October to pay hospital and neurology bills then, so we take the bus everywhere here. We need help with rent and bills. I have been eBaying small things, but have run out of stuff to sell. I can provide paperwork if anyone wants to conform Shawn's illness. I am trying everything I can to provide and do right by my wife of 13 years. Her brain damage is mild. She can walk and read, but her speech is slightly slower than before. Events of the last few years are jumbled. Something that happened last week she is convinced it took place seven years ago. I am hoping the kindness of strangers will be able to help us until I can find permanent work. Thank you for taking the time to read Shawn's story.

Ben and Shawn

Update: Ben and Shawn were evicted yesterday and are in need of money for a hotel. Please help.

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