Single Mother In Need Of Extra Money To Pay Bills
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Single Mother In Need Of Extra Money To Pay Bills

I am a single parent of two kids. I'm 26 years old and doing my best to keep my family happy. I have a lot of bills piling up and times are getting rough. I'm also trying to better my education to get a better job. I have student loans I'm paying back, I got to pay for rent, my car payment cell phone and daycare and groceries. I'm currently not getting that much help from the father of my kids. He can only send money when he can, which is why I'm putting him on child support but I need money now to help me with my bills. I have taken out a loan but I'm kinda having trouble paying that back also. Each paycheck I get all my money goes to bills sometimes I have no money to get groceries for my kids or by clothes or shoes they need. I just need a little extra money to get me on my feet and to pay off some of these bills. The loans that I am paying back add up to almost $8000. If I could just get help with that that would be very greatful. I pray to God I get help.

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