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Help Us Stay Afloat

Our ship is sinking fast! We keep running into ice bergs and I am beginning to feel land is nowhere near our ship.

This serious of events has led me to ask for help in our time of need...

1) Our rent increased when we renewed our lease. It went from $1000 to $1200
2) My husband has 2 children from previous relationships and his child support increased by $300 a month.
3) My salary was decreased by 10% because a special pay I was receiving had expired.
4) My husband adopted my daughter so the child support income is now gone.

Other things have began to happen which has created a spiral of problems.

1) I am having medical problems that have yet to be diagnosed. It started in February and they have taken blood, run tests, done x-rays and other things and I still do not have an answer. Meanwhile being without an answer all these procedures and office visits cost money. 2) We owe taxes. I had to file an extension because I cannot afford to pay the $700 we owe the state in taxes. 3) We are behind on every single utility bill and have defaulted on all of our credit cards.

All of these things have sent us down a path that it is getting more difficult to get out of. I am grateful that there are folks out there willing to spare some change to help other out. Thank you very much for your kindess.

God Bless! Jennifer

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