Senior Brother and Sister need help
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Senior Brother and Sister need help

I took care of my elderly mother from 2000 until 2006 when she passed away. I also care for my younger mentally challenged brother who is going blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa. My brother and I have lived together since 1999. I promised my mother while she was living that my brother would remain with me as long as I'm physically able to take care of him. He is 57 and I will be 62 in June. I applied for disability in 2007 because I developed a naval hernia from lifting my mother who was totally bedridden and was unable to do anything for the last couple of years without being lifted in and out of bed. I was forced to put her in a nursing home in March of 2006 which really upset her because she didn't understand that I had developed this hernia and it was really dangerous for me to give her the quality of care that she needed. She told me when I put her in the nursing home that she would just die then. Well, she lived 3 days shy of 3 months from the date that I put her in the home. I felt terribly guilty about it at first, but now I realize that I did the only thing that I could do for her sake and mine, and I know now that she is in a much better place now.

Before my mother passed, the vehicle we had had to be junked. It was a 1991 and had about 190,000 miles on it when the engine blew. As I said, I applied for disability in 2007, but it took me until January of this year to get accepted for my disability. In the meantime, we lived off of my brother's income which was extremely difficult and made things very tight for us. Obviously, we were unable to get an apartment or purchase another vehicle, and even with my getting my disability, we are still unable to get a vehicle. I have to pay someone every time that I have to go to the doctor, grocery store, and any other errands that I might need to run. It costs me $10 each time I have to go somewhere, which I have no problem with because the person who takes me has to pay for the gas to take me places. The thing is that we are in need of a reliable vehicle such as minivan, mid sized SUV, or and extended cab truck with a shell on the back with reasonably low mileage on it.

With are given financial situation, we currently live in a motel. It's not easy but at least we have a roof over our heads, we're warm in the winter, and I can prepare us balance meals. It's not the best and of course, we would much prefer an apartment or mobile home to live in, but we would like to get closer to family. My mother wanted to spend the remainder of her life in the Pacific Northwest, which is where we are now. My brother and I both have arthritis and the damp, cold weather here plays havoc with our joints. We, also, really don't have anyone here in the area family-wise. Our closest family is my son and his family and they live in Las Vegas. I'm not too keen on moving to Vegas, but the weather would be much better for us because its drier and warmer, and we would be closer to family. We are wanting to relocate there as soon as we can if we can get the finances together to do so. The anticipation of relocating to Vegas, this is why we need a vehicle like I've mentioned. We don't have much, but we do have housing items that we could use in setting up a new home without having to spend unnecessary money to replace them. We've even thought about a nice motor home to live in and make relocation to Vegas. It would be the safest way for us to go because with my brother being almost totally blind, he wouldn't have to get in and out of a vehicle to go to a motel room or use the restroom. I have fears about him entering a public restroom alone because there are so many cruel people in our world. Plus it's very frightening for him being in an unfamiliar place. If we had a 35-40 foot motor home, we could easily live in it permanently, also.

I'm just praying for a miracle so that we can achieve this goal somehow. By the grace of God, hopefully it will happen. Thank you for listening to our situation.

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