Please, help if you can. I have medical conditions that have affected my life
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Please, help if you can. I have medical conditions that have affected my life

Hi everyone, my name is Renee.

Thank you so much, for taking the time to read my profile, it means so much to me that a total stranger would give an open ear and help me! I relize that there are so many people out there, themselves that are struggling and barely surving...Like me. I hope only one day I will beable to help other people in need, like amazing-open hearted people do for me. Thank you again for reading this and answering my prayers...

As long as I can remember from being a child- I was born a premature and my parents and I live in a house with nails and boards coming up. My parents didn't have much money and they did the best they could for us to survive in Oklahoma. I went through alot of emtional problems when I was young, probably cause I relized my dad was cheating on my mom and always fighting with her.

Anyway, my mom had me and my brother and obviously, I don't think we were planned. My biological father has never really been involved with me most of my life. My parents were divorced when I was 6 and my mom met a new man-my stepfather( the one who is really my real father and who has always been there for me.) We then moved to Maryland so my mom and new tep dad would have more job opportunity and my brother and I would have better education.

I was diagnosed with a cognitive learning disability when I was in first grade, they said maybe because I was premature-the school told my parents I would eventually grow out of it and I haven't. I also had such bad ear infections when I was a kid, I had to have tubes alot-which caused more permenant damage to my eardrumes- and I was held back in 1st grade because I was so behind from missing so much school and I really couldn't hear that well to learn in class and when we moved to MD, They put me in resource classes (special education) I was having alot of panic attacks even when I was elementary school and sever migranes-that were unexplainable. Anway, I'm pretty sure most of my life I've had the learning disabilty and it's effected me with every relationship and job, I've ever had.

I've ended up losing my jobs even as an adult because of health issues that I've been disgnosed with, my hypothyroid, hypoglycemia, sever depression and anxiety/panic disorder. I'm not a quick learner and my memory isn't very good. I am now 31 years old and will turn 32 on feb 18th. I've tryed to get help from my family for help with my bills, car payment, health insurance, rent, but they are not able to help me anymore- I'm pretty much on my own at this point- but it feels like I'm not surving at this point- I feel like I'm drowning. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to wake up.

I feel like everyone has a purpose in life. I'm trying to figure out what mine is- If I could just survive and pay my bills and be successful like other people. I just try so hard to get ahead and it feels like I can't...

One day I hope to have my own place so I can adopt/rescue dogs and animals and open up my own pet sitting/doggy daycare business. Thats my dream and my goal. I've always been an avocate for animals and I've always had a love for them and they don't judge you. They love you unconditionally and they don't care if you have a hanicap-learning diabailty or whatever and they are always there for you, ready to love!

If you would like to know more about me or any updates, please message me. I appreciate any kind of help anyone can help with. Thank you for your selflessness, your love and your support!

***These are the bills that I owe as of now, broken down***:

1. Right now, I owe $1,613.50 toward my car. It's so past due. I'm so afraid there going to reposess it any day now.

2. I owe $10,550 in credit card debt. From me struggling all these years to survive.

3. My health Insurance is $265.00 per month and I am already 3 months behind, so I owe a total of $795.00 for the 3 months already.

4. I owe my roommate already $1,000 for rent, and hes being nice and let me pay him back when I can, but I feel like I have no self worth and I'm stepping on egg shells, with owing him this much money.

These are my main bills I really need help with as of now. I hope I can turn 32 years old this year( Feb 18th) and not feel like I'm a failure and worthless and actually be the happiest I've ever been on my birthday! I don't think I've happy on my birthday for years! I think- I'm here living for a reason-just don't known what that reson is yet?.. to (pay it forward)-to someone else in need like me :)

Yours Truly,


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