Jerry Needs Help
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Jerry Needs Help

This is my story, it is starting to sound like a country song. I live in michigan and have been laid off for since October of last year. I have been collecting unemployment, but even that got messed up and I missed out on a month of payments. I have a family a wife, a daughter of 3 three and we are on the verge of losing what little we have left. We have a trailer and in the middle of being laid off the hot water tank broke. Then our dog died. Neither of us can find jobs. I got very sick and was in bed for three days, unable to go to a doctor because we have no money. I also have diabeties. During the time i was sick I was supposed to call in for my unemployment. I missed it and did not get my unemployment. I tried to certify later, and yesterday I received a letter that I was denied of that money because I forgot, which was not true. I was sick. I am going to appeal it, but it will take time. We have already received an eviction notice and if I don't come up with 1100 dollars in the next few days we are going to lose what little we have left. I am begging for help so my family does not lose our home. We don't have much left. a little trailer and a car. If anyone can find it in their heart to help my thanks would be eternal.


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