In the Air Force, married, with a 2 year year old
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In the Air Force, married, with a 2 year year old

"I'm in the Air Force, married, with a 2 year old and one more girl on the way (and we're planning on this being it). We're paying our bills and not getting any more behind, but the problem is we both entered our marriage with a lot debt from school and poor judgment. We have about $60K in student debt and about $40K in unsecured debt (credit cards, signature loans). That's $100K. We're just not able to get ahead on these and we're merely paying interest ... helping the inordinately wealthy creditors get wealthier.

We made poor financial decisions before getting married and I'm embarrassed about that. But we're both working hard trying to get ahead and we don't seem to be able to. I want to send our 2 kids to good schools one day and not punish them because we're burdened down by this debilitating debt. I want them to grow up better than I did. Just getting our credit card and signature loan debt taken care would be such a blessing! I think we could then handle the student debt.

I assure you we're working hard and making sound decisions now, but bankruptcy is such a debiliating, humiliating choice to have to face. I plead for some compassion and whatever help you can provide. My wife's parents don't have anything themselves and really can't help and my father is an Episcopal priest and doesn't have much means to help either. Thanks in advance for any blessing you can pass on."

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