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Where to start?

This is about my brother Arnold. He is 45 years old, A skilled crane operator by trade. He lives in Florida. My brother needs a liver transplant and he has no health ins. He became sick for the first time in his life on March 15,2008. We were at a hospital standing vigil for our Uncle who is on his end of life jouney. As we were preparing to leave, Arnold said he did'nt feel well, like he was going to vomit, sure enough he did, copious amounts of blood! This scared him and myself as he had never been sick. Took him back to the ER and they of course do there thing and take their time he vomits again lots of blood! Finally someone pays attention and he is put into a room and examined and told he has a stomache bleed of some kind and will be admitted to the hospital. They do more test and conclude that he has liver disease. They do an endoscopy to see where the bleed is and conclude that he has stopped bleeding and may go home the next day. Prescriptions are written for an antacid and a blood pressure medicine to help with the verices that line his esphogous and his stomache. There were no instructions as to what to watch for other than if you cough up blood to call 911, don't try to drive yourself to the hospital. Well he was released and told he could go back to work in a few days. Well that never happened. The only thing he remembers is walking out of the hospital at 4pm. by 8pm he was acting slightly confused, couldn't get comfortable in his bed or on the furniture. By 11pm he is standing by walls and banging his head, we're thinking it is a reaction to his new meds. He falls asleep around 11pm, looks comfy. at 3 am he is walking in his sleep, we give him a shower, he goes back to bed. At 6am we cannot wake him, we call 911. He is taken to a totally different hospital. He ends up in a coma for 8 days. He woke up on Easter Sunday! So here we are he doesn't have liver disease, he has total liver failure. He is taking meds now that will bind the toxins his liver can no longer process. He has had what is called a TIPS procedure done where they put a shunt into the liver as a bypass. Arnold is the child number 8 in a line up of 12. I am number 2 in that line up his oldest sister. Our Parents are deceased. Arnold is a fun loving person, always a smile and a kind word for even perfect strangers. He is generous to those in need. He has the most positive attitude of anyone I know. Of all 12 children there is only one who is not healthy enough to share a part of their liver with him, there was no hesitation on anyones part, we would all be tested, He has 5 cousins in the area he lives and they all wanted to help as well. However the hospital is telling us he needs a full liver transplant. We are here on this website in an attempt to get him some doantions so we can get him to the DR.'s to get him on the list. NO ONE will take him as he has no insurance. Right now his follow up visits are being done thru the ER at the hospital where he was for 14 days. The bills are piling in. This was not caused by alchohol, he is not a drinker.
Siblings and cousins are doing fundraisers in Florida , Vermont and Virginia . We need your help, PLEASE. He has recently had his truck reposessed and is danger of losing his home. But what is the most important is he needs a LIVER. Your donations will be most appreciated.
We the 11 siblings and 5 cousins and all of the neices and nephews Thank You and ask God to Bless your lives for helping those who truley need assistance.

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